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Tuna Tomato Cucumber Tramezzini
#Wraps and sandwiches
Perfect for picnics

Tuna Tomato Cucumber Tramezzini

Tuna Tomato Cucumber Tramezzini is a simple Italian sandwich recipe with white bread, homemade tuna spread, fresh cucumbers, and juicy tomatoes.

Tuna Tomato Cucumber Tramezzini
We first made Tramezzini last year for our son’s first birthday party. We made four different varieties. Two meat-based, one vegetarian, and one with tuna. Our friends and family loved these little sandwiches, so we decided to finally share the recipe with the world. With the upcoming summer, now is the perfect time to make these. This Tramezzini recipe is ideal for all seafood lovers. It is made with homemade tuna spread (we use canned), juicy tomatoes, and fresh, thinly sliced cucumbers. The perfect refreshment.

The perfect picnic and summer gathering sandwiches

Tuna Tramezzini is the perfect mini sandwich that you will adore thanks to these top reasons:

  • very fresh, light, creamy homemade tuna spread made in minutes
  • you can easily adjust the amount of ingredients in the sandwich according to your taste
  • this is the perfect recipe for picnics, summer celebrations, birthday parties, baby showers, and other events
  • kids and adults love these
  • you can be super flexible with the ingredients for the tuna spread
  • the tuna spread keeps well for days in the fridge

Making Tuna Tomato Cucumber Tramezzini

Making Tuna Tomato Cucumber Tramezzini

Essential ingredients that make these Tuna Tomato Cucumber Tramezzini amazing

You won't find many ingredients in this recipe. You can easily substitute most of them with something you already have in your pantry.

Tuna - Use canned tuna in water or canned tuna in olive oil for this recipe. And don't forget, the better the tuna quality, the better the dish.

Shallot - shallot makes this sandwich spread slightly sweeter. Feel free to substitute with a regular onion.

Mustard - we love Wholegrain mustard as it adds character to the dish. Dijon mustard or regular yellow mustard will work too.

Capers -Rinse the salted capers under running water before using them. If you're using capers canned in vinegar, drain them before using.

Sour cream - feel free to use greek yogurt or mayo or a combination of all three.

Lemon juice - if you don't have lemons at home, you can use pickle juice as a substitute.

Tuna Tomato Cucumber Tramezzini

Tuna Tomato Cucumber Tramezzini


Keep the homemade tuna spread in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 7 days. Always make Tuna Tomato Cucumber Tramezzini from scratch.

How to make Tuna Tomato Cucumber Tramezzini at home

Check this quick short video to learn how to make Tuna Tomato Cucumber Tramezzini at home.

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Lets get cooking!

  • makes
  • preparation:


  • homemade tuna spread

    First, make the homemade tuna spread. In a food chopper (or blender), mix together drained canned tuna, garlic, shallot, mustard, capers, parsley, lemon juice, butter, olive oil, and sour cream. Mix until you get a smooth spread. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Keep refrigerated until needed.

  • Tramezzini s tuno

    Use Tramezzini bread or white toast bread. If you’re using toast bread, cut off the brown edges. We will need eight slices of bread to make four Tramezzini. Spread the homemade tuna spread over the bread. Add sliced cucumbers and sliced tomatoes to half of the bread and cover with the rest of the bread to form four sandwiches. Cut into triangles and serve.


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