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Hi! Welcome to our online kitchen.
I’m Jernej, a passionate professional baker and cook from Slovenia. My wife Maja takes care of the beautiful photography and design. We are crazy about tarts and good tomato sauce.
Bombažni kuhinjski predpasnik
Večno darilo za vas ali kulinaričnega prijatelja / prijateljico, ki se rad počuti “stajliš” in dobro zavarovan pred pacanjem v kuhinji.
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Flourless espresso chocolate cake
I love coffee. Almost a bit more than chocolate. Chocolate is my second favorite "guilty" pleasure. So you can only imagine how it makes me feel when Jernej combines the two together. The word utterly excited doesn't even explain it well enough.
How to Make Flourless espresso chocolate cake
Chocolate #mousse 😯😍 Rich, creamy and exactly what we need right now. #RECIPE:

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