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Maja and Jernej from Jernej Kitchen working on a photoshoot

Let's create something delicious together

Hi there. Happy you stopped by, we are always in search for new partnerships, especially long-term collaborations. We work two ways. We can create content for you, with your graphic layout that fits perfectly into your brand and your story or we can create a story together - that kind of content is also posted here on our blog. We have been creating contents like recipe development, food styling, food photography, recipe videos and social media campaigns for numerous brands for more than three years. For more information about us, check out our about page and for more information about how we can work together please continue scrolling.

Let's make something great together.

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What we do?

We love challenges, long-term partnerships and delicious creative stories

If you are a brand and you need a recipe developed using your product or for promoting a special ingredient we can do that for you outside Jernej Kitchen brand. As a professional cook and baker I can create a recipe that suits your brand. We offer recipe development for brands, shops or online businesses around the world. 


There’s no secret that we as human beings are visual creatures. So in our opinion not only should the food taste delicious it should also be presented beautifully and look incredibly inviting and appetizing. Using only natural ingredients we offer food styling services for bistros, cafes, restaurants and other food businesses. 


Our goal with food photography is to provoke the viewer and inspiring her/him to cook, eat, visit or create something delicious. We only shoot food at natural light, using Canon 5d mark IV and three lenses: 50 mm 1.4, 100 mm and 24-70 mm. We offer food photography for brands, shops or online businesses around the world.


Sponsored content is for brands who want to be presented to our readers through written words, photos, recipes, videos and product placement. We only work with brands that are compatible with Jernej Kitchen. See examples here.


One of the most popular contents right now are recipe videos. This is for brands who want to especially focus on showcasing a specific product in a creative and delicious way. We offer both recipe videos tailored individually to the customer, brand (with their graphic layout) or recipe videos made within the Jernej Kitchen brand.


Whether you would like to showcase your amazing product or high quality ingredient on our social media platforms, we can create something delicious for you, as long as it’s compatible with our content. Also, we don’t post photos and/or recipes created by other brands. 


Brand ambassadorship is a perfect fit for you if you want to maximize your brand awareness through all our channels. It’s basically a package of everything that we offer with maximum reach.


This is the latest addition to our services. If you are a blogger and would love to share our meal planners, aprons and other goodies, please contact us for more information about how we can work together.


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Let’s make something great together.
Who we are

Why you should hire us?

Having a college background and degree in computer science and design we understand very well how important it is to have a well crafted online presence. But with all the hours, weeks, years spent in the kitchen and photographing food we also have the knowledge to create an inviting, delicious content that inspires people to cook and get creative in the kitchen.


Cook more.

Our main mission with this blog is to inspire people to cook more and enjoy the process of providing good, high quality meals for themselves and their loved ones. We also want to inspire people to ocasionally go out of their comfort zone and experiment with flavors, ingredients and presentation, just to make life more fun and tasty.


It is incredibly important to us that everything we share has a positive message and a positive, helpful impact on people. There’s a lot of negative energy in the world and we don’t want this here. This is a place to lift people up the best way we know how - to show them how we cook and bake and to incourage them to make something delicious, share it with loved ones and enjoy delicious foods and life.

How we work

From hello to action.

First, we discuss what your goal is and how we can help you achieve it. Once that is set, we create a timetable, communicate through every step of our work and once it's all confirmed, we go into creative action.



We only accept limited amount of sponsorships, brand ambassadorships and social media campaigns. Long-term collaborations are prefered. 


We put our readers first.

We only share the best quality ingredients and recipes with our readers. Everything that we post on our blog is tested multiple times to create the easiest recipe to follow and recreate at home. 


The don't's.

We do not accept free products in exchange for reviews. We do not use or promote supplements of any kind, weight loss products, proteins, energy bars or highly processed foods. Our time is very limited, so we simply cannot take on unpaid projects, and accept a select few paid projects each year.

Hire us
How exciting!

Thank you for your interest in working with Jernej Kitchen. Getting started is easy. Please contact us about working together or if you would like to request our media kit. We’ll get back to you within one business day.

Jernej kitchen on a photoshoot
Jernej kitchen on a photoshoot
“We’re a small team focused on creative work that evokes emotion, storytelling, and intrigue in food, travel, & lifestyle brands.”
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Let's make something great together.

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