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About us
If you love delicious foods, made with high quality ingredients (usually from our own vegetable garden), cooking dishes from scratch and trying new treats from time to time then this is the place for you.

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Welcome dear foodie. Maja and Jernej here from We are super excited you stopped by in our online kitchen. This is our personal blog, where we share tested recipes made from scratch in our kitchen in Slovenia, Europe. Ever since we can remember we loved food and time spent in the kitchen with our moms and dads - they all cook. We also have a vegetable garden and fruit trees (we managed to grow a lemon tree, which is super exciting as well) - that inspires us to cook seasonally and with high quality produce. Travel fills us with excitment and happiness, so expect foodie tips and places to visit from around the world. Hopefully you will find something delicious for you and your loved ones as well. Quick and Easy midweek dinners, seasonal soups and stews, chocolatey and seasonal desserts, delicious breakfasts and of course, a lot of bread and comfort meals. If you have any questions or thoughts you can reach out here [email protected]




So why have we started a food blog? Two reasons. First, ever since we started dating we spent a tremendous amount of time in the kitchen. Cooking, baking, entertaining and taking foodie trips around Europe. So in this digital era, it only made sense to document delicious recipes which brings me to reason number two. Even though both of our families cook I (Maja) was lacking ideas on what to cook during my college years away from home. Jernej, on the other hand, had an endless amount of ideas and inspiration so he started sending me his own recipes, tips, and tricks.

We’ve also seen that a lot of our peers didn’t have ideas or knowledge about what to cook and how to make it - I get it, I (Maja) was the same. To keep it short, our reason number two why we started a food blog is to inspire people to cook more. Easy, delicious seasonal foods, tasty desserts and comfort meals. If I (Maja) was able to do it, I know you will be able to do it too. We have your back with simple and quick recipes and recipes videos too.


Jernej Kitchen. Our blog is named after Jernej because he is the creator of the recipes. His real surname translates to “Beast” so it made sense to play around with the names and meanings and switch the Beast to Kitchen for the blog name.

Jernej - name / jh-erneyy/

The correct spelling of Jernej.

Kitchen - nickname / kɪtʃɪn /

Maja Zver

Born and raised in Slovenia, Europe. I feed my soul with amazing books, great music, nature, and meditation. Even though I am a Bachelor in Interior Design I decided to follow my passion for food photography and storytelling. One thing I really love is solving problems and communicating with people, which I find very useful in blogging too. Delicious coffee and tiramisu are my favorite desserts. If there’s one thing I wish to do more in the future is to spend more time in nature and more time traveling and connecting with people. 


Jernej Zver

Born and raised in Slovenia, Europe. From an early age, I loved every minute spent on a farm, cooking, baking and all things growing food and gathering. Over the years when life happened I came to realize that gardening, spending time in nature and hiking + skateboarding are one of the best stress reliefs for me. Being Bachelor of Computer Science has helped a lot with all things blogging, but my heart is in the kitchen, where I love to challenge myself to cook new things, develop new recipes and present them super stylish too. As I am a baker by heart (and in paper:), my favorite foods by far are any kind of baked treats, especially homemade bread and any kind of delicious pasta.


Thank you so much for stopping by.

Have a delicious day.





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Grazia Slovenia - weekly online recipe contributor

Grazia Slovenia - monthly recipe contributor for printed magazine / from December 2015 - ongoing

Cookbook “Dobri ljudje, dobra hrana” - food photography and food styling / Autumn 2015

EXPO Milano 2015 - recipe contributor

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GTZ 2014 magic box - bronze medal / October 2014

AEHT Neuvele cousine 2014 - bronze medal / November 2014

Best Slovenian Food Blog - finalist / Autumn 2015

Best Slovenian Food Blog - winner / Autumn 2016

The Slovenia Restaurant Awards - FOODIE INFLUENCER WINNER 2019


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