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Potato Spinach Curry
Creamy and delicious

Potato Spinach Curry

Potato Spinach Curry is a tasty vegan main dish made with potatoes, spinach, tomatoes, and spices. It's easy to prepare and full of aroma.

Potato Spinach Curry
We try our best to eat meatless meals a few days a week. I admit it’s not always the most straightforward task. Preparing veggies takes time and a bit of extra effort. However, it’s well worth it. Adding spices and using simple techniques can elevate a vegan or vegetarian dish and make it unforgettable. One of those dishes is this simple Potato Spinach Curry. This wonderful meal is made in under an hour, and it uses a variety of spices to create a comfy, cozy, and hearty meal for the whole family.

A delicious comforting meal for the whole family

These are the top reasons why we believe you should make this recipe:

  • easy recipe, made in 45 minutes
  • packed with aromatic spices
  • creamy potato curry filled with spinach and tomatoes
  • dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan
  • perfect for a quick and flavorful dinner

Potato Spinach Curry

Potato Spinach Curry

Essential ingredients

We bought all the ingredients in our local LIDL Slovenija store, and LIDL also sponsors this recipe. Each ingredient plays a vital role in flavor. You can get more info about our ingredients here or grab the full recipe below.

Potato - use potatoes for cooking.

Spices - in this recipe, we use many delicious spices that elevate the dish. We need caraway, garam masala, turmeric, curry, and paprika powder. Feel free to add dried chili and mustard seeds if you have them at home.

Cherry tomatoes - add freshness and lightness to the dish. Use fresh cherry tomatoes.

Diced tomatoes - apart from fresh tomatoes, use diced canned tomatoes too. They will add some freshness and texture.

Spinach - always use fresh spinach for this recipe.

Potato Spinach Curry - ingredients

What to serve with Potato Spinach Curry

Serve this Potato Spinach Curry with coconut cream for some freshness. Feel free to choose one of these sides:


Feel the to store any Potato Spinach Curry leftovers.

Place the curry in an airtight container and seal. Keep in the fridge for up to 3 days. Reheat on the stove, and add water, if necessary.

How to make Potato Spinach Curry at home (video)

Check this quick tutorial to see how we made the Potato Spinach Curry at home.

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Lets get cooking!

  • serves
  • preparation:
  • cook:
  • total time:


  • cook the potatoes

    Peel the potatoes and cut them into larger chunks, approx. 2-3 cm (1-inch) in size. Add to a large pot and cover with water—season with salt. Place on a medium heat and bring to a boil. Simmer for 10 - 12 minutes over low heat or until almost cooked.

  • curry

    Place a large pan over medium heat. Add the oil, cumin, and dried chili (optional). Stir, and add the diced onion. Saute for 5 minutes, add the drained potatoes, and cook for 3 - 4 minutes, stirring occasionally.

  • curry

    Peel the ginger and garlic and finely mince it. Add to the potato—season with garam masala, turmeric, sweet paprika powder, and curry powder. Cook for 2 minutes. Cut the cherry tomatoes into quarters and add to the spices. Stir and pour in the canned diced tomatoes. Pour 150ml (1/2 cup) of water and cook for 10 minutes.

  • curry

    Season the Potato Curry with salt, and when the potato is tender and cooked, add the fresh spinach. Cook until the spinach wilts, then serve.

  • serve

    Serve the Potato Spinach Curry with flatbread or basmati rice. Optionally, stir in a teaspoon of coconut cream right before serving.


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