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Classic French Toast
How to make

Classic French Toast

In this recipe, we cover everything you need to know about How to Make the Best Classic French Toast. 15-Minute Recipe, worth the work.

Classic French Toast
This is THE sweet breakfast to make for special occasions, Christmas morning, anniversaries, or simply on a rainy Sunday morning. French Toast, also known as Eggy Bread, is a dish that both small and big, old and young love. It’s a classic breakfast recipe that is delicious plain, dusted with some icing sugar, or drizzled with good quality real maple syrup. You will find all the tips and tricks you need to make the best homemade sweet french Toast from scratch in this post. In just 15 minutes, you can already have this fabulous dish on your table.

Homemade Classic French Toast Recipe

My goodness, this is absolutely impossible to resist, and here's the reason why:

  • golden-brown, crunchy exterior
  • the egg mixture coats the bread beautifully, making it soft, delicious, and fluffy
  • it's not overly sweet, yet it's super flavorful, milky, and delicious
  • this recipe only takes 15 minutes
  • kids and adults love it
  • there are endless topping choices for this recipe

Classic French Toast with Maple Syrup

Homemade Classic French Toast

How to make Classic French Toast 

Making French Toast at home couldn't be easier. You will find the complete list of ingredients and the method below. Here we're going to walk through the steps, so you can see better how to make it step by step.

  1. Cut the bread into thicker slices.
  2. In a deep baking dish, combine the ingredients for the coating
  3. Dip the bread into the liquid mixture
  4. Heat the butter in a pan and cook the French Toast
  5. Place the French Toast on paper towels to get rid of any excess fat
  6. Serve plain or with your favorite topping

Bread for Classic French Toast

Egg mixture for Classic French Toast

Dipping egg into egg mixture for Classic French Toast

What to serve with sweet French Toast

Honestly, eggy bread is perfect just as it is. Plain, crunchy outside, and soft inside. There's no need for any special additions. However, we like to serve it with different toppings from time to time. These are great:

  • lightly dusted with icing sugar
  • drizzled with good quality maple syrup or honey
  • serve with fresh berries or other seasonal fruits
  • homemade blueberry jam
  • poached rhubarb and pistachios
  • chocolate sauce

Best Bread for French Toast

Choosing the proper bread for French Toast is essential. These are great:

  • Brioche Bread
  • Challah 
  • White Sandwich bread
  • White Toast
  • Hokkaido Bread (our favorite)
  • Milk Bread (with or without raisins)

Cooking Classic French Toast

Classic French Toast Recipe

Classic French Toast


It's best to serve this Classic French Toast immediately, warm, or at room temperature. Feel free to make different toppings ahead of time.

Tips and Tricks for a delicious Classic French Toast

This is such an easy recipe. You will master it in no time. However, for those of you who want to dive even deeper into the recipe, here are the tricks and tips on always making delicious, golden french toast.

  1. Use stale bread. Instead of using freshly bought bread, use one-day-old bread. It will be more evenly coated, and not only outside, but inside too. If you were to use fresh bread, only the exterior would get covered, and the interior would stay dry, which we don't want.
  2. Use a combination of regular butter and clarified butter for cooking. This combination works great; it prevents the butter from smoking, making the french toast even more flavorful. Feel free to substitute the clarified butter with vegetable oil or coconut oil.
  3. Prick the bread with a fork, especially if you feel like the liquid isn't going all the way through the whole bread. Use a fork to prick it all over. Then dip it into the liquid mixture again to ensure even coating, inside and out.
  4. Feel free to turn these sweet french toast into a savory one. In that case, simply omit the sugar and vanilla. Then, add your favorite savory topping.
  1. We love this French Toast with Bacon and Hot Sauce.

Classic French Toast

Classic French Toast

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Lets get cooking!

  • makes
    french toasts
  • preparation:
  • cook:
  • total time:


  • preparation

    Cut the bread into 2 - 3 cm or 1-inch thick slices. In a deep baking dish, combine the eggs, milk, whipping cream, salt, vanilla, and sugar. Beat with a whisk until you get a smooth mixture. Dip each slice of bread into the mixture separately. Before adding the next portion of bread, make sure to whisk the liquid mixture quickly. Leave the bread in the mix for a minute. The bread has to be coated all the way around and all the way through.

    If you feel like you can't get the liquid all the way through the interior of the bread, then prick it a couple of times with a fork.
  • cook

    Place a large non-stick pan with the butter and clarified butter to medium-high heat. Using a spatula, transfer the french toast to the pan. Cook two slices of bread at a time, making sure not to overcrowd the pan. Cook for 4 minutes per side.

    Feel free to use vegetable oil or coconut oil instead of clarified butter.
  • serve

    Line a wire rack or a plate with paper towels. Place the cooked french toast on the towels to get rid of any excess oil. Divide the toasts between plates, and serve. Optionally dust with icing sugar, or drizzle with maple syrup. Serve warm or at room temperature.


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