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Quick Pho Soup
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Fresh and nourishing

Quick Pho Soup

This is a Quick Pho Soup recipe. It's not traditional, but it's still delicious. You will find noodles, beef steak, and stock in this nourishing recipe.

Quick Pho Soup
We adore Asian cuisine and have been dying to go to Vietnam one day. Until then, we will do our best to try as many recipes as possible at home. They are not traditional and authentic, but we like experimenting with different dishes anyway. We shared our version of Banh Mi Sandwich a couple of weeks ago, and today, we’re sharing a delicious soup called Pho. Traditionally, this soup cooks for hours. This soup cooks for 30 minutes, as it’s a quicker midweek version.

Vietnamese Pho Soup - quick version

Vietnamese Pho Soup cooks for hours, resulting in the most fantastic flavor. However, we wanted to make a quick version while still making it full of flavor. The easiest way to achieve that was to add store-bought beef stock to the homemade stock. The result was delicious, and this is why we think you're going to like this soup:

  • flavorful and fresh soup
  • an excellent soup for any day of the year
  • It's so easy to freeze homemade beef stock
  • an exciting way to prepare the ribeye steak
  • It doesn't take a lot of time and effort to make it

Preparation of Quick Pho Soup

Preparation of Quick Pho Soup

Preparation of Quick Pho Soup

Essential ingredients

These are the vital ingredients that make this recipe so good. 

Beef - In this recipe, we use beef bones to cook the beef stock and ribeye steak. Cut the ribeye steak into thin slices, then cover with boiling beef stock to cook to medium rare.

Beef stock - Traditionally, Pho soup cooks for hours, but we made a quick version partly using store-bought beef stock to achieve a full flavor.

Spices - This soup contains spices like coriander seeds, star anise, cinnamon, and cardamom. It makes the soup aromatic and delicious.

Rice noodles - choose your favorite rice noodles and cook them according to the packaging instructions.

Add-ins - Add thinly sliced onion, sprouts, fresh basil, and coriander to serve. For some spiciness, we recommend adding chili.

Quick Pho Soup

Quick Pho Soup


We don't recommend storing or freezing the Quick Pho Soup. Always make it fresh from scratch. However, you can keep the beef stock. Find the instructions on how to do that in this Beef Broth Soup.

How to make Pho Soup at home (video)

Check this quick video to master making Quick Pho Soup at home.

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Lets get cooking!

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  • soup

    Clean the beef bones under running water and add them to a pot. Cut the ginger and onion in half. Place a skillet over high heat. Add the onion and ginger cut side down. Cook for a few minutes until it's charred, then turn. Remove and add to the pot with the bones. Add beef stock, water, coriander, cinnamon, cardamom, star anise, fish sauce, peppercorns, and brown sugar. Place over medium heat. Bring to a boil, then simmer for 30 - 40 minutes. Strain broth into another pot and discard bones and spices.

  • rice noodles and meat

    Clean the rice noodles according to the package instructions. Cut the steak into thin stripes.

  • pho soup

    Divide the rice noodles between four plates. Add the thinly slices beef steak. Ladle the soup over the steak; this will cook it to medium rare. Arrange the sliced onion, sprouts, basil, and coriander on top. Optionally, add some chili for spiciness.


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