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Summer Fruit Tart
Colorful and Easy to make

Summer Fruit Tart

This Summer Fruit Tart is quick and effortless to make. This is my mom's recipe that all the adults and kids in our family adore. Perfect for celebrations.

Summer Fruit Tart
Growing up, my mom (Maja's) made this cake for every special occasion, summer picnics, or a simple summery weekend dessert. It’s our favorite tart from my mom, and today we are so happy to honor her and her recipe in this brand new post. It’s a tart, but we always called it a fruit cake since it was always a celebration centerpiece. It’s made of three simple layers. A lovely, soft sponge cake, a generous amount of fresh seasonal fruits, and a clear glaze that creates that beautiful shine on top. You can easily omit the latter, but in that case, make sure to serve it right away.

The best mom's Summer Fruit Tart

Mmm, this Summer tart is a showstopper. Not only is it beautiful, but it tastes incredibly delicious too. This is why we love it:

  • the recipe is quick and beginner-friendly
  • the sponge cake is made from scratch, soft and delicious
  • the fruit is fresh, and colorful and makes the cake light
  • the glaze is clear and makes the tart shiny, glorious, and perfect for celebrations - optionally, leave it out
  • feel free to get creative and make different fruit arrangements on top
  • it's best served straight from the fridge

Summer Fruit Tart

Summer Fruit Tart

Essential ingredients to make the best Summer Fruit Tart

These are the essential ingredients and elements that make this Summer Fruit Tart so incredibly delicious.

Sponge Cake - Make a simple homemade sponge cake. This one is nice and soft. To make it moist and delicious, brush it with your favorite fruit syrup or vanilla syrup. Elderflower cordial will work too.

Fruit - Always choose seasonal fruits for this recipe. We usually eat this tart in the summer, so we love using strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, currant, peaches, and apricots. Feel free to make it in the wintertime; in that case, use other seasonal fruit or canned fruits (fruits from a compote) like apricots, pineapple, and peaches. Don't use frozen fruits.

Glaze - We always use store-bought clear glaze from a packet like this one. My mom uses it too. It makes this tart shiny and fantastic for celebrations. Plus, the fruit stays fresh longer. However, if you don't like a clear glaze or can't find it in the store, simply leave it out. In that case, store the fruit tart only for up to a day in the fridge.


Store this beautiful Summer Fruit Tart in the fridge. Keep it in a sealed container or covered in the refrigerator for up to three days. Serve straight from the fridge with some whipped cream or greek yogurt.

Summer Fruit Tart

Summer Fruit Tart

How to make this Summer Fruit Tart at home(video)

Check this quick video tutorial to make the simplest Summer Fruit Tart at home.

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Lets get cooking!

  • makes
    1x 28
    cm (11-inch) tart pan (8 people)
  • preparation:
  • bake:
  • rest:
  • total time:


  • preparation

    Place a rack in the middle of the oven and preheat it to 180°C / 350 °F. Grease a 28 cm or 11-inch tart pan with removable bottom with butter and dust lightly with flour. Discard any excess flour.

  • sponge cake - wet ingredients

    Add butter to a small bowl and melt it in a large bowl beat to combine eggs, sugar, and vanilla. Beat for about 5 minutes on medium speed with an electric mixer until pale in color or doubled in size.

  • sponge cake - dry ingredients and baking

    In a separate small bowl, stir to combine flour and baking powder. Sift the dry ingredients into the egg mixture and fold in using a spatula. Add melted (and cooled) butter and gently stir in. Pour the sponge cake batter into the prepared pan and place it in the oven. Bake for 10 - 12 minutes at 180°C / 350 °F or until the sponge cake is golden-brown and soft. Remove from the oven and set aside for 30 minutes.

  • fruit topping

    Brush the baked sponge cake with syrup to make the cake juicier. Clean the fruit and cut it into smaller pieces if necessary. Arrange the fruits in a single layer over the sponge cake.

  • cake glaze

    For a shiny look and longer cake permanence, make a clear glaze. We bought a packet in the store and followed the package instructions to make it. Here's the one we like to use. Using a brush, evenly brush the fruit on top of the tart.

  • serve

    Place the Summer Fruit Tart in the fridge for 30 minutes before serving. Cut into slices and serve. Optionally serve the tart with whipped cream or a generous dollop of Greek yogurt.


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