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Whole Wheat Banana Bread
Healthy and soft

Whole Wheat Banana Bread

This whole wheat banana bread recipe is easy to make and the result is absolutely amazing. Soft, healthy banana bread sweetened with honey.

Whole Wheat Banana Bread
Some say making banana bread is the best way to use overripe bananas, others buy bananas just to make homemade banana bread, but to me, a loaf of delicious, soft banana bread is one of the tastiest childhood desserts. We love serving it with a cup of tea or freshly brewed coffee; it’s such a treat. In our opinion, banana bread should be moist, soft, and naturally sweetened from those tasty ripe bananas. Of course, you can feel free to add some additions to make it unique, we even added some of our suggestions here in this post. This recipe for whole wheat banana bread is on the healthier side. It’s made of yogurt, whole wheat flour, and sweetened with honey and brown sugar—quick and simple recipe for any day of the year.

Healthy Whole Wheat Banana Bread

Use all those overripe bananas in this simple recipe, yum, even those that have completely turned black.

  • the preparation will only take you about 10 minutes
  • this banana bread is soft, moist, and naturally sweet
  • perfect for any day of the year, for picnics and celebrations
  • kids and adults love it too
  • very simple recipe, perfect for beginners
  • made with probiotic yogurt from our favorite dairy place mlekarna Celeia

whole wheat flour banana bread

whole wheat banana bread recipe

How to make Whole Wheat Banana Bread

It's incredibly easy to make homemade healthy banana bread. If you are a beginner, this recipe is perfect for you. This is how we make it:

  1. Preheat your oven - so that it will be ready for your amazing loaf of banana bread
  2. Using an immersion blender or a blender, combine  bananas, yogurt, and honey
  3. Alternate adding the flour mixture and the banana mixture to the egg mixture, until you get a smooth batter.
  4. Pour the banana bread batter into your prepared loaf. Place an additional banana on top to make it prettier.
  5. Bake, cool, slice, and devour

Make your Banana bread unique

Sure, there's no need to overcomplicate this recipe. Feel free to leave it as it is. Simple, delicious, healthy whole wheat banana bread. However, there are a lot of options for making it unique. Customize it by adding one of these additions: 

  • chocolate chips (add dark chocolate chips, they are such a delicious addition)
  • chopped nuts (like walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts, or almonds)
  • peanut butter (add a tablespoon of natural creamy peanut butter to the mixture, it's so good)
  • dried fruits (for example golden raisins or cranberries)

whole wheat banana bread with yogurt

whole wheat banana bread with honey

How to store Whole Wheat Banana Bread

Store your Whole Wheat Banana Bread at room temperature, in a fridge, or freeze it. 

Tightly wrap your baked and cooled banana bread in cling film to prevent it from drying out. Store at room temperature or in a fridge for up to 3 days.

You can easily freeze banana bread too. Place it in a freezer bag or an airtight container. Store in the freezer for up to a month. Before freezing, make sure that your banana bread is completely cooled, then cut in individual slices to have it ready or freeze the whole loaf. Before serving, defrost by placing on the kitchen counter or microwave them in intervals for a couple of seconds.

Go bananas with these recipes

Thanks to Mlekarna Celeia for their delicious dairy products, we absolutely love them. All the opinions are ours and we only share our honest opinions and recommendations for great products that we actually use.

Lets get cooking!

  • for
    loaf pan (12cm x 25cm or 5x10 inch)
  • preparation
  • bake:
  • total time:


  • make the banana bread mixture

    Preheat the oven to 190°C or 375°F.  Combine the peeled ripe bananas, probiotic yogurt, and honey in a blender or using an immersion blender. Mix for about a minute, until the mixture is smooth. In a separate bowl, combine whole wheat flour, all-purpose flour, and baking powder. In a large bowl or in a bowl of a stand mixer beat together eggs and brown sugar using an electric mixer or a stand mixer. While continually beating, start alternating the flour mixture and the banana mixture until well combined and smooth.

  • bake

    Line a bread or loaf pan (12cm x 25cm or 5x10 inch) with parchment paper. Don't forget to line the side of the pan so that there's an overhang on the two long sides. Pour the banana bread mixture into the prepared pan. Optionally cut an additional peeled banana lengthwise and place it on top of the batter cut-side up. Place in the preheated oven, on the middle rack and bake for 50 - 60 minutes at 190°C or 375°F.

  • serve

    Remove the baked whole wheat banana bread from the oven. Place on a wire rack to cool, then slice it and serve for breakfast, brunch, or dessert.


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