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Yogurt Sweet Fritters
Extra fluffy and delicious

Yogurt Sweet Fritters

These Yogurt Sweet Fritters are extra fluffy, flavorful and made in just a few minutes. A simple Mardi Gras recipe for any day of the year.

Yogurt Sweet Fritters
Mmm, these sweet little fritters are absolutely addictive. This recipe brings up so many childhood memories. It has been in our family for generations. However, my mom and grandma used to make yeasted sweet fritters too. These are completely yeast-free and made with probiotic yogurt, so they are light and fluffy as a cloud. They are traditionally eaten for Mardi Gras or Pust as we call it. We call these bite-sized fritters “Miške” in Slovenia, which would directly translate to mice since they are so small and cute. Making them is super easy and you definitely don't need to be an expert to master this recipe.

Yogurt Sweet Fritters

  • soft, fluffy and so flavorful
  • a simple mardi gras recipe that can be made any day of the year
  • kids and adults love it, it is such a crowd-pleaser
  • a very simple recipe, perfect for begginers
  • it only takes 15 minutes to make this recipe, from start to finish
  • small, bite-sized fritters
  • made with delicious Mlekarna Celeia probiotic yogurt

Yogurt sweet fritters - frying

Yogurt sweet fritters - fried

How to make sweet fritters

This is the simplest and quickest dessert on our blog. You will need about 15 minutes to make this recipe.

  1. In a bowl, stir to combine all the ingredients for the batter
  2. Heat oil in a pot or saucepan and drop a teaspoon of batter into the oil
  3. Fry and serve sprinkled with icing sugar

Yogurt sweet fritters

Fluffy and soft Yogurt sweet fritters

What to serve with Yogurt Sweet Fritters

Even though this is a simple recipe it doesn't mean it is bland or boring, the contrary, it's super tasty and light. Feel free to serve it with:

  1. Simply sprinkled with icing sugar (our favorite way!)
  2. Drizzled with chocolate sauce or served with a side of chocolate dip
  3. Served with a delicious homemade apricot jam

Yogurt sweet fritters sprinkled with icing sugar

Yogurt sweet fritters sprinkled with icing sugar and served

Make these sweet fritters at home

Check this quick tutorial to see how we made these sweet fritters at home.



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Thanks to Mlekarna Celeia for their delicious dairy products, we absolutely love them. All the opinions are ours and we only share our honest opinions and recommendations for great products that we actually use.


Lets get cooking!

  • serves
  • preparation:
  • frying:
  • total time:


  • make the batter

    In a bowl, stir to combine probiotic yogurt, eggs, sugar, vanilla sugar, baking powder, and lemon zest. Add all-purpose flour and a pinch of salt and mix well using a whisk to get a smooth batter. Set aside for 10 minutes.

  • fry

    Place a small pot or saucepan with oil over medium-high heat. When the temperature of the oil reaches 170°C or 340 °F, start frying. Carefully drop a teaspoon of the batter into the hot oil. Repeat the process, but don't overcrowd the pan; work in batches. Fry for about 4 - 6 minutes or until the fritters are golden brown. Shake the pan from time to time.

  • serve

    Transfer the sweet fritters to a plate lined with paper towels, then serve sprinkled with icing sugar.


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