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Pumpkin Gnocchi with Chicken, Peas and Carrots
Rich Autumn inspired

Chicken Pumpkin Gnocchi with Peas and Carrots

Chicken Pumpkin Gnocchi are just crazy delicious. Light, prepared in under and hour, which makes them the perfect midweek lunch/dinner.

Chicken Pumpkin Gnocchi with Peas and Carrots
Are you guys in full comfort food vibe yet? We are slowly going there, but right now, we are also loving the early October vibes, vegetables from the garden, light wine sauces and rich, homemade pumpkin gnocchi. Life is busy right now, we are currently designing the new winter collection (hello, calendars 2019, horay, so excited!) and we have decided we want to put more time into blogging, developing recipes, testing new things. As much as we love that and feel fortunate about doing what we love most - cooking, photographing, creating videos and chatting with you guys, it’s all super time consuming and it takes a lot of energy. And then on the other hand there’s sun outside and it would be so nice to go on a long walk everyday, or there’s a foodie event that sounds interesting or a 1885th celebration this month we could attend. But you know what, we can’t. This kind of “oh I am so happy autumn is finally here, but oh crap, it’s the busiest time of the year” happens every single October and I kind of realized it’s a reminder that I should probably enjoy the littlest things more in the moment and stop lingering about “could / should / must”. Well, enough of my October frustrations, lets move to more colorful, tastier stuff. Tadaaaa, Rich Pumpkin Gnocchi with Chicken, Peas and Carrots. These are all about celebrating the season, celebrating the moment and the sauce you guys, the sauce is just sooooo goood. Light, bright and super tasty.

This sauce…I have no idea where to start, but one thing is for sure, this sauce keeps popping up in my mind. It’s super light, which I think is really nice for gnocchi. A lot of times gnocchi sauces can be super hard and fulfilling but this one is just light and full of delicious vegetables. Sweet peas, crunchy carrots, brussels sprouts and black olives not only create a beautiful contrasty color combination, they also complete each other in taste. The real secret of this sauce are actually the pumpkin gnocchi. Cooking the gnocchi in the sauce for only 5 minutes releases the starch, which creates a nice, glossy, thick and tasty sauce. Yum.

Pumpkin Gnocchi with Chicken, Peas and Carrots

Pumpkin Gnocchi with Chicken, Peas and Carrots

Pumpkin Gnocchi with Chicken, Peas and Carrots

Pumpkin Gnocchi with Chicken, Peas and Carrots

Well if this isn’t a beautiful autumn sight, I don’t know what is. We are so excited about this dish, that we ate it twice this week (and not because there were any leftovers). These pumpkin gnocchi and this chicken, peas and carrots sauce are just made for each other, a perfect symphony. You can leave out the chicken, if you are a vegetarian. This is great for a quick midweek lunch / dinner or as a weekend treat as well. We definitely recommend freezing a few portions of pumpkin gnocchi, because it’s always good to have some at home, when you don’t really have the time to be making them from scratch. Light, tasty, autumn inspired and definitely worth every 50 minutes of your time.

Pumpkin Gnocchi with Chicken, Peas and Carrots

Pumpkin Gnocchi with Chicken, Peas and Carrots


Lets get cooking!

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  • cook the chicken

    Place a large skillet with olive oil over medium-high heat. Add two crushed and peeled cloves of garlic and sage. Stir to combine and cook for a minute. Season chicken breast with salt and pepper and cut them on small cubes (approx. 1 cm x 1 cm (1/2 inch x 1/2 inch). Add the chicken to the skillet with garlic and cook for about 4 - 5 minutes or until golden brown, stirring occasionally.

  • Add the onion

    Transfer the chicken to a plate, but leave the garlic and sage in the skillet. Peel the onion and cut it on quarters. Add to the skillet. Peel the carrots and cut on large chunks, add to the skillet. Cook for about 5 minutes on low heat or until the onion is nice and caramelized.

  • Add the wine, peas and chicken stock

    Pour the wine in the skillet, add the dried porcini mushrooms and leave the alcohol to evaporate, then cook for about 5 minutes. Add the chopped parsley, frozen peas and chicken stock (or vegetables stock or water). Stir to combine and cook for 10 minutes or until 2/3 of the liquid is reduce and the sauce is a thicker, then add the halved brussels sprouts and black olives. Cook for another 5 minutes.

  • Cook the pumpkin gnocchi

    Cook the pumpkin gnocchi according to the recipe (or the package if you are using store-bought). We used frozen homemade pumpkin gnocchi, so we cooked them for 10 - 15 minutes (depending on the size).

  • Serve

    Drain the gnocchi, reserving 100 ml (3.4 oz) of cooking water. Add the chicken (with all the juice from the plate) to the vegetables, also add the drained pumpkin gnocchi and reserved water. Gently stir to combine, then cook for another 5 minutes over low hear (low simmer) so that the sauce becomes nice and thick. Add the freshly chopped thyme and lemon juice. Serve.


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