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Potato Dumplings with Breadcrumbs, Fruit and Cream
Yup, these potato dumplings are i n s a n e l y delicious. Soft, delicious potato dumplings covered in nutty breadcrumbs. Served with warm fruit and topped with silky creme anglaise sauce. Have you even eaten these before? They are pretty similar to Italian gnocchi, but shaped differently. In Slovenia, we call them "svaljki". In my (Maja) household we ate potato dumplings just cooked in salted boiling water and served with beef steak and sauce. In Jernej's household on the other hand, potato dumplings were covered in breadcrumbs and sugar and served with homemade compote. If you haven't tried these before and you like gnocchi, please make these as soon as possible. I promise you will adore them.

Potato Dumplings with Breadcrumbs, Fruit and Creme Anglaise Sauce

Potato Dumplings with Breadcrumbs, Fruit and Creme Anglaise Sauce

Potato Dumplings with Breadcrumbs, Fruit and Creme Anglaise Sauce

Potato Dumplings with Breadcrumbs, Fruit and Creme Anglaise Sauce


Lets get cooking!

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  • preparation:


  • Potato Dumplings

    Mash or press your cooked and peeled potatoes through a potato ricer. In a large bowl combine the potatoes with all-purpose flour, corn (or potato) starch, mascarpone and salt. Add an egg and melted (cold) butter. Knead with your hands until the dough comes together, for about a minute.

    Don't over knead the dumpling or they will loose their softness.
  • Potato Dumplings

    Dust a clean working surface. Place the potato dumpling dough and form into a rectangle around 2 cm / 0.8 inch thick. Cut into 2 cm / 0.8 inch rolls then cut each roll into 3 cm / 1.2 inch dumpling. Use your hands to form finger-shaped dumplings by rolling them with your palms.

  • Potato Dumplings

    Lightly dust a large plate or tray with flour. Place potato dumplings on the plate, but be careful not to place them too close together or they will stick. Repeat the process until you use all the dough.

    At this point you can freeze the potato dumplings for up to a month.
  • Cook the potato dumplings

    Fill a pot with 1 liter water. Add salt, sugar, vanilla bean, lemon zest, lemon juice. Place over medium - high heat and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat to medium - low and gently add in the potato dumplings. Cook for about 3 - 4 minutes at a light simmer. If you are cooking frozen potato dumplings from this recipe, cook them for about 6 - 8 minutes. Take out with a skimmer, and leave to cool a bit.

  • Creme Anglaise Sauce

    Add sugar and whipping cream to a saucepan, stir until the sugar dissolves, then add an egg yolk, stir well and place over medium - high heat. Cook for about one minute, stirring constantly. (Important: Keep stirring until the mixture thickens enough to fully coat the back of your spoon and is as smooth as silk. Be careful not to get scrambled eggs) Remove from the heat and leave the sauce to cool completely. In a separate bowl whip the rest of the whipping cream. Add the creme anglaise sauce to the whipped cream and stir to combine.

  • Fruit

    In a small saucepan combine frozen fruit and sugar. Place the saucepan over high heat and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat and cook for about 10 - 15 minutes, stirring occasionally.

  • Breadcrumbs

    Heat the butter in a large pan over medium heat. In a small bowl combine ground nuts, chopped nuts, sugar and breadcrumbs. Add the mixture to the pan and toast until the nuts are golden and crunchy. Add the cooked potato dumplings and coat them with breadcrumb mixture.

  • Serve

    Serve the coated potato dumplings with warm fruit and a generous dollop of Creme Anglaise Sauce. Enjoy.


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