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Lemon Pasta with Broccoli and Anchovies
Light and incredibly easy to make

Lemon Pasta with Broccoli and Anchovies

Lemon Pasta with Broccoli and Anchovies is a delicious 15-minute midweek lunch or dinner. Served with crunchy pangritata and light, creamy sauce.

Lemon Pasta with Broccoli and Anchovies
Are you guys eating healthier this January, or have you decided to continue with your lifestyle from last year? This year hasn’t started great for us; we got sick, so we decided to include more veggies and fruits into our diet. Of course, that doesn’t mean we completely changed our diet; we try to add a bit more vegetables into the dishes that we cook. For example, this tasty, creamy lemon pasta with broccoli and anchovies is a light, healthy, and delicious midweek lunch or dinner idea. Quick and Easy to make + you get a lot of vitamin C from the lemon and other healthy nutrition from the broccoli, while still eating an utterly delicious and creamy pasta. Love it.

Lemon Pasta with Broccoli and Anchovies

I am sure you are going to love this quick and easy lunch/dinner idea.

  • pasta dish cooked in just 15 minutes
  • creamy and light
  • great for any day of the week
  • each portion has only 350 calories
  • feel free to use your favorite pasta

How to make Lemon Pasta

It's super easy to make lemon pasta at home. This is how we do it: 

  1. Make pangritata (or golden-brown breadcrumbs) - Toast the breadcrumbs and garlic in a pan with some olive oil
  2. Cook broccoli and spaghetti - separately, but in the same pot
  3. Pan-fry the garlic, lemon zest, and anchovies
  4. Add heavy cream, and parmesan cheese to make the sauce creamy
  5. Toss to get a silky pasta
  6. Serve with golden breadcrumbs and devour

Lemon Pasta with Broccoli and Anchovies

Lemon Pasta with Broccoli and Anchovies

How to store Lemon Pasta with Broccoli and Anchovies

We don't recommend storing this pasta. It's made in just a few minutes (15 minutes to be exact), so it's always better to take the time and prepare it from scratch. However, if there are any leftovers, feel free to keep it chilled in a fridge. Reheat in a pan by adding a small amount of water to make the pasta creamy again.

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Lets get cooking!

  • serves
  • preparation:


  • crunchy breadcrumbs - pangritata

    Peel and dice the garlic. Place a pan over medium-high heat. Add olive oil and garlic. Cook the garlic until it starts to smell divine, then add the breadcrumbs. While stirring regularly, cook the breadcrumbs for about 3 minutes or until crunchy and golden-brown. Transfer to a bowl for later use.

  • cook the broccoli and pasta

    Place a pot with salted water over medium-high heat. When the water starts to boil, add the chopped broccoli. Cook for about 1 minute, then using a skimmer, remove the broccoli from the water and cool under cold running water to stop the cooking process. Add spaghetti to the same boiling salted water and cook the pasta until it's cooked al dente or as written on the pasta package. When the pasta is cooked, drain it and reserve about a cup (250 ml) of pasta water.

  • Lemon Pasta with Broccoli and Anchovies

    Place a large pan over medium-high heat. Add butter and olive oil. When the butter starts to melt, reduce the heat and add diced garlic and zest of one lemon. Cook for a minute, then add the anchovy fillets. Continue to cook for another minute. Add lemon juice and season with pepper. Stir to combine, then pour in the heavy cream. Remove from the heat, add parmesan cheese, and half of the reserved pasta water. Stir well to combine. Add cooked spaghetti and broccoli. Toss to combine. If necessary, add the rest of the pasta water.

  • Serve

    Divide Lemon Pasta with Broccoli and Anchovies between four plates. Sprinkle with golden-brown breadcrumbs or pangritata and serve immediately.


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