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    Making mascarpone at home is easier than you think.

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You probably know this situation pretty well: You had to work an extra hour, so it's already dark when you park infront of the store. You feel tired, a bit cranky, stressed and of course, hungry too. You manage to put together some extra energy and you get out of the car and into the groceries stores (if you would at least be shopping for new shoes or concert tickets, right?)

You reach into your pocket to get the groceries list but there's no list in your pocket. You were running late this morning so it stayed on the kitchen counter. You try to concentrate and think, okay, so what do I need? All purpose flour, eggs, milk and something else, what was it again. Oh, that cheese that my partner wants. You take a quick walk in the store and your stomach quickly reminds you that you are hungry.

You try to hurry up, you take that flour, eggs, milk, your favorite chocolate and cookies (hey, you worked all day so it's all good) and then there's that cheese your partner wanted. You quickly pay and leave the store. Feeling tired, a bit cranky, stressed and of course, hungry too.

But what happened in between? People who are on a diet usually say that the right decisions happen in the groceries store. Will you buy an apple or your favorite chocolate?

It's the same when you are buying ingredients, products and it's the same with how much you spend. Will you choose quality over quantity? Will you eat local and seasonal foods or will you decide in the giving moment? 

Would you buy local, seasonal foods if we would tell you that with that purchase you are not only supporting the person you are buying from but also the breeder, farmer, the manufacturer and probably even your neighbour who works at the local dairy.

When you are stressed and tired you obviously don't think about that stuff, because you can't, you have enough going on. However, it's great to think about that from time to time. What you give out to the world is what you get and it's the same with food. With buying local, organic, seasonal and delicious foods you are raising awarness, supporting the locals and you are giving respect to people who work really hard to giving us the best of the best.

Slovenian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food has decided to give us a bit of help when our brains turn off. There's a logo "izbrana kakovost - Slovenija" reminding us to choose local, to choose foods that are 100% Slovenian.

We believe in our breeders, in our local dairy and we always choose local when we have a chance. In Slovenia or in any other country we are visiting. So when you combine delicious ingredients and a bit of time, you get magic, or in our case, homemade, fresh mascarpone cheese, that won't take you more than 10 minutes.


500ml (2 1/4 cups) heavy whipping cream (at least 35% milk fat)
1 teaspoon lemon juice, freshly squeezed

Pour heavy whipping cream into a saucepan. Set over medium high heat and cook until cream reaches 80°C – 85°C (175°F – 185°F). Lower the heat and add the lemon juice. Cook for another 5 minutes, then remove from the heat and allow to cool for 10 - 15 minutes.

Line a fine-mesh strainer or sieve with a cheese cloth (or double kitchen towel). Suspend over a bowl and pour in the cream. Once the cream cools to room temperature, move the sieve and the bowl to the fridge overnight.

The next day, squeeze the remaining liqud from the cloth and store the finished mascarpone in a covered dish, then refrigerate. It can be stored for up to a week in a fridge.