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  • TOP 5 Recipes you loved most this year

    Making your own recipe, getting creative photographing it, so that everything actually becomes a whole story, well it is pure joy. 

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Making your own recipe, getting creative photographing it, so that everything actually...

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There's a lot that goes into making a great recipe, blog post, photo. A lot of hours of creative thinking, cooking, baking, drawing, researching, learning something new and much more. But the joy of making your own recipe, getting creative photographing it, so that everything actually becomes a whole story, well it is pure joy. It is what makes us extremely happy and we are not planning to slow down any time soon. 

Thank you so much for being a great support. Thank you for trying out our recipes, giving us feedback and of course, thank you for inspiring us to research and search even further. 

Number five: Whole roast duck

This is a basic whole roast duck recipe, which is super easy to make. The skin is lovely, crispy and the meat just fall off the bone, tender, juicy and delectable. I always like to get at least three free range, organic ducks, one for roasting on Saint Martin's and the other two for preserving. I love to confit the duck legs in fat and eat them during the winter.

Number four: Simple potato gnocchi

We said this many many times. We just LOVE Italian food. It kind of brings us that feeling of warmth, comfort and tradition. We rarely make gnocchi or eat gnocchi, but when we do, we make sure to fill the plate up. These are so delicious, delicate and tender, we really wanted to share the recipe for quite some time now. They are pretty simple to make, so you can make them during the week, or if you have a really tight schedule, you can easily make them in advance and freeze them, they stay in the fridge for up to a month. Everyone will be grateful.

Number three: Asia inspired salad with rice noodles, vegetables and grilled beef

We have not been to Thailand, nor China, nor Korea. Not yet. But our somehow imagination of what Asian food look and tastes helped us create this dish. We wanted something fresh, quick, easy and of course unbelievably delicious. That is always a goal. We used the ingredients that are from our environment, but added some that create a bit more Asian flavours. At least for us. Peanuts, rice noodles and soya sauce hopefully we have made you justice. We love this dish and it is absolutely our go to "asian" inspired salad.

Number two: Delicious soft cheese and vegetables tart

Savoury tarts are perfect for a light lunch. They are easier to make than it looks. We made this one for dinner, but saved the rest for the lunch next day, because it is equally good the next day. We mixed some of our favourite veggies in this savoury tart, it is so easy to put together. Be playful and use the ingredients that are in the season. Soft cheese and yogurt add an extra kick, a creamy, soft texture.

NUMBER ONE: Silky, gluten free buckwheat tart with chestnuts, chocolate and caramel

Every year there is a lot of chestnuts in our nearby forest and besides eating them quite often around bonfire on cold autumn nights, we also love to get creative, add them to risotto, pasta or PIE. Everyone who tried this pie was completely blown away, not only because of its silky, minimalistic texture, also because it is so incredibly delicious and exciting. The layers of caramel, chestnut, chocolate and buckwheat dough make a perfect balance between nutty and sweet flavors. It's also gluten free. Each bite is definitely a great celebration of autumn.