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  • Seven reasons why we love autumn

    Autumn. It's a season of gratitude and selflessness. Autumn. A season to relearn how to stay grounded and connected with nature.

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Autumn. It's a season of gratitude and selflessness. Autumn. A season to relearn how...

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1. Apple picking

I always get excited when I think about autumn, apple picking and about putting on my wellies and a cozy, knitted sweather. Heading toward the orchard with a large basket, picking up apples along the way and eating them. Oh, the most amazing feeling, they are so sweet, so delicious. Apple picking. There is something about apple picking that keeps me grounded and connected to the nature and myself. When I was younger I used to think that apple picking was an obligation, rather than relaxtion. Now I know, there is nothing greater than the ability to turn off the brain and just be present in the season, in the moment. Apple picking gives me exactly that.

2. Warm colour palette & Cozy fabrics

I love colours, from pale to bright and energetic, to a bit more misty and dark. I believe colours can actually express our emotions pretty well. In autumn I change my photography colour palette completely, if it was all about fun, bright, energetic mood and colours in the summer, now I am slowly switching up to a more moody, misty yet still warm colour palette. I also love to change my wardrobe completely, so hello knitted fabric, mustard yellow and plaid shirts. 

3.Autumn foods

For us who have a vegetables garden, autumn is all about harvesting and enjoying the produce. For those who don't have a garden, now is the time to visit farmers market, which is full of pumpkins, apples, chestnuts, walnuts, kale... It's all about hearty, cozy soups, intensive flavours and indulging breakfasts like cinnamon rolls or apple pancakes that keep us warm, while the weathers gets chilly.

Recipe: Hearty pumpkin soup with roasted peanuts and kale

Recipe: Comfy cinnamon rolls

Recipe (left): Delicious braised carrots

Recipe (left):Gluten free and added sugar free oat pancakes with apple sauce
Recipe (right): Sweet, lovely plum dumplings with fried breadcrumbs


4. PIES!

We would probably all agree, that there is nothing that says more about how amazing autumn is than a proper, delicious, homemade pie. Sweet or savory, pies are delicious. To me, pies represent the warmth, love and home. 

5. Bonfire and outside gatherings

The smell of wood, the warmth of fire on a cold autumn night. We sit beside the fire, under blankets all snuggled up together. The taste of sweet, juicy baked apples, a lot of laughter and good company. Yes, we are talking about bonfire nights. 


6. Mushrooms

The season is also changing in the woodlands. The leaves are slowly changing colours and the strong summer sun transforms into a more warm sunlight here and there. During this period it is amazing to go on long walks and enjoy the nature, but it is also great to forage mushrooms. 


7. Nature

Last but not least. The gorgeous nature slowly saying goodbye to bright colous and blooming flowers. It's slowly preparing for a winter sleep, but first we get to admire soft sunlight while walking in the forest, the leaves turning red, orange and yellow. It's a season of saying thanks. Autumn. It's a season of gratitude and selflessness. Autumn, a season to relearn how to stay grounded and connected with nature.