Here we go. Our first official post. |
  • Here we go. Our first official post.

    Here we are, our first official post. Just as these beans, our website is only at the beginning, waiting to bloom. And we are beyond excited to finally start this journey with you guys. 

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Here we go.
April 29 2015

Here we are, our first official post. Just as these beans, our website is only at the...


First of all, I have to say how amazing it feels to have so much space to write, on social media I always thought writing too much would be messy. Having this website almost feels like having a new place to stay, a new home. And we can not wait to decorate it. I mean, fill it with amazing content, stories, photography, recipes and everything else that will appear on our journey.


We would like to start the opening ceremony with a big THANK YOU, for your patience and support via all the social media channels, coffee breaks and telephone calls. We didn’t take any of it for granted, it only made us work even harder and dig even deeper into our creative minds, to make this website the best possible, for you guys. So thank you. To all that cheered us up and followed our adventurous on social media. Hopefully this site will offer you daily food and lifestyle inspirations, articles that will be stress free and most of all, we hope to make you feel welcome and happy


THANK YOU, for your patience and support.




Creating this website was a ride on its own. We made it all ourselves, which was tricky from time to time, yet we managed to stay focused on what we wanted to achieve and what our goal is. Having a clear vision is essential. So, what did we actually do? We started brainstorming ideas about a year and a half ago. We started thinking about having a blog, a food blog, like an online diary, just for ourselves, because to tell you the truth, Jernej is always saving me with lunch ideas. We weren't living together at the time, so it would be just easier to share a recipe with me via the mighty internet. With that being said, things started to get just a little bit complicated. The initial idea of having a blog started to grow, just as our passion and love for food, photography, gardening, gatherings and people’s stories has. Minutes turned into hours, hours into months, months into a whole year of designing our logo, bread booklet and website, programming, cooking and baking delicious dishes, photographing, editing, writing, translating texts and polishing our vision. 


We loved every minute we put into creating it.


The best thing about it is, and I am not writing this because it sounds pretty, but it is true. We loved every minute we put into creating it. Even the sleepless nights, 6am alarm sounds, all imperfect dishes that were cooked over and over again, to make them unique, simple, with our own twist. It’s not so hard, if you love it and believe in it, right?


We have a lot of amazing projects and trips planned, of course, we will share it all with you. Until then, have an amazing weekend, filled with positive energy, amazing food and love. Thanks for stopping by, we appreciate it a lot.