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We want this to be a happy place, we want to build a community where everyone feels good and safe to share.

The idea We started brainstorming ideas about a year and a half ago (2013). We started thinking about having a blog, a food blog, like an online diary, just for ourselves. We weren't living together at the time, so it would be just easier to share that way. With that being said, things started to get just a little bit complicated. The initial idea of having a blog started to grow, just as our passion and love for food, photography, gardening, gatherings and people’s stories has. Minutes turned into hours, hours into months, months into a whole year of designing our logo, bread booklet and website, programming, cooking and baking delicious dishes, photographing, editing, writing, translating texts and polishing our vision. 

The name The name came as Jernej was spending more and more time in the kitchen, and Maja jokingly said: “You should rename yourself Jernej Kitchen, since you are spending all of your free time there”. It kind of stuck with us, so we decided to build a brand around that name.

The philosophy We want to build a community where everyone feels great and safe to share their perspective on food, gathering, gardening and life itself. We want jernejkitchen.com to be a positive place, negativity and stress free, filled with information about delicious food, diy tips, hosting gatherings and all that comes along the way. 


jernejkitchen.com, founded in 2015.

cook and baker, website developer, gardener
Jernej Zver
Son, brother, boyfriend, cook, baker, website developer, food stylist, passionate gardener, skateboarder, making my dreams come true

Born and raised in Slovenia, Europe.

20 - something who left work at the desk for working in a professional kitchen.

Bachelor of Computer Science.

Skateboarding is my absolute favourite outdoor activity.

I came to realise the best stress relief for me is nature and gardening.

I have quite a sweet tooth, but I prefer baking bread rather than cakes. 

Ever since I can remember cooking was and still is a huge part of my memory. But the memories are not all centered around the kitchen counter, it is a wider perspective. I spent a lot of my childhood time on my neighbours and aunts farm. It made me happier than any toy I have ever had. Maybe because it was real. I learned a lot from those two and I don’t mean cooking techniques or special recipes, it was something much more profound and long lasting. I learned to respect the nature, whether it was foraging mushrooms or raising different animals. With puberty came different interests, such as skateboarding and computers. I never stopped cooking or exploring the culinary world, it was just something that was so natural to me, that I actually took it for granted and didn’t even think about making it my profession. I went on to study Computer Science and after bachelor's degree, I even enrolled in Master’s studies, but something just was not right. I was getting my Master’s degree without any real interest and what was shocking to me the most, was the fact, that I will have to do this day after day, for at least 40 years. At least that’s what I thought. An enormous stress relief at that time was spending time in the kitchen, cooking, baking, getting creative. I had no problem waking up at 4 am to check if the bread has risen enough, or if the croissants are proofing at the right temperature. It was not hard, because I love it. I enjoy it, I have the focus and I am willing to work hard, to be as good as I can be. I was looking for an answer and it was always right infront of my face. So I took the chance as fast as I could. I left my job, left my studies and completely turned my life upside down, got a job at a professional kitchen and started working on jernejkitchen.com. Maja and me, we want to contribute, we want to show how amazing food can actually change lives for the better, we want to share recipes that are easy to prepare, our thoughts, people’s stories, basically the whole journey that makes life so interested and not boring at all.
designer, storyteller, photographer
Maja Galuf
daughter, sister, girlfriend, designer, photographer, storyteller, books lover, researcher, on constant search for creative inspiration

Born and raised in Slovenia, Europe

20 - something who decided to follow her dreams and vision that includes photography and design.

Bachleor in Interior Design.

I love researching, solving problems and creating new possibilities.

Delicious coffee is my favourite dessert.

I speak Slovenian, English, Spanish, a bit of German and I am now trying to learn French.

I feed my soul with amazing books, great music, everyday stories and nature.

I grew up in a rural environment with a big garden and deep appreciation for food. I started learning from a very young age, how delicious, full of flavour homegrown vegetables and fruits can be. We hardly bought any veggies during spring, summer and autumn. At the age of five, I developed a pretty funny habbit, I was on a mission to find the best foods, dishes possible, because it meant so much to me. I used to go to my neighbours asking what they are having for lunch or dinner and if I can have a bite, just to try their cuisine, and to learn about their experience. I was always interested in people's stories, their experiences and how they percieve food, because to me, it was the greatest pleasure of all. I can still remember the excitement I had when I got my first camera, boy was I happy. I am a very visual person and telling a story through photography was my new mission. It would seem only natural that food photography is my clear direction and destiny in life if I combine my love for food and photography. My inner visual artist and the instinct to question everything led me to study Interior design. This particular decision gave me a whole other out of the box perspective at how things can be, and how different life could be, if we only design it that way. And this was exactly what I needed. A change of perspective in life and photography. When I met Jernej it kind of felt like I was searching for him since I was five, since I was running around, looking for someone who felt exactly the same about food, but can actually prepare a dish, that gives that feeling that lasts. Our minds clicked instantly, not only personally, but also professionaly. We knew instantly what we want to create and that we want to share this with others. Trusting my inner self and making decisions based on what I am good at and what makes me happy was the best decision I have made so far. Today I am photographing the food that makes me unbelivably happy, joyful and is giving me the opportunity to develop my passion for photography and delicious food, an opportunity to follow in my grandmothers and mothers footsteps, the opportunity to create a new tradition, to integrate my love for interior design into gorgeous surroundings and create the perfect environment for gatherings and my own soul.